Why Choose Campervans Above the Other Modes of Travel?

Reasons to Choose Campervans over the rest

Unlike living in hotels and leading a monotonous life, RVs allow people to live a life just the same way as they would live in the comfort of their homes. It allows people to move around from one place to the other along with the comfort of living in a house with all the necessary amenities. These vehicles contain facilities for sleeping, cooking food, water supply, electricity, refrigerator, cabinets etc. and thus contains several other amenities that the ones who are using would prefer.

An RV is something that allows a person or a group of individuals to travel to their desired destinations independently without a fixed Itinerary. It saves up on money spent on various modes of transport like Air tickets; Rail passes etc. and allows one to smoothly move from one place to the other. For those who like Photography or natural sightseeing, the usage of a campervan is something that is the best option. Leading a life of leisure by being in a comfort zone of doing whatever one feels like is something an RV allows one to do. They are also feasible for those who intend to move to comfortable areas during extreme weather especially those who are elderly and cannot endure the harsh weather conditions.

RVs are usually modified or converted forms of large utility vehicles that are customized according to the needs of the one using it. They are modified according to the number of people who intend to use it and accordingly adjusted. There are several agencies that aid RVs and allow people to choose from the varied vehicles that they have in stock. These vehicles are accordingly modified and depending on the needs and the size of the vehicle is therefore determined. Multipurpose vehicles allow the users to choose from amongst the amenities like air conditioners, dining spaces, mini bars and other luxurious amenities that they intend to add.

How to find the right vehicle?

Apart from campervans, there are food trucks available as well in order to let people start a catering business of their own. Food trucks, too come loaded with all amenities that can help one to prepare food inside the truck right from scratch. Similar agencies provide such vehicles where according to the needs of the one purchasing or hiring it can be modified. In order to look for such companies providing such services, the Internet is the best place to obtain information. One can also know of the rates for purchase or hire and accordingly choose the one that fits their bill.

15 Common Misconceptions About Wedding Photographers

While the photography industry is saturated with Wedding Photographers, skilled wedding photographers remain in high in demand. The are however several misconceptions attached to wedding photographers. Here’s a list of 15 common misconceptions about wedding photographers you must know.

1. Way out of Budget

Yes, wedding photography is expensive but not necessarily way out of one’s budget! Your specific needs and expectations when it comes to wedding photography can steer your wedding photography budget upward or in the opposite direction. Basic wedding photography is affordable and ensures professionalism. If you want the bells and whistles, the crème de la crème of a wedding photographer’s packages, expect to pay to pay top dollar for your wedding photographer’s time and expertise.

2. Detailed List

While it was common practice in the past for wedding photographers to ask for a detailed list of moments to capture, this is no longer the case. Wedding photography is not for every photographer and with experience and skill, most wedding photographers know the moments that need to be captured from getting-ready photos, the details, your first kiss, your first dance and more. Giving your wedding photographer a list a of photos is outdated – trust that your wedding photographer will cover your wedding while paying attention to minor details.

3. Only Candid’s!

Most people think that the modern wedding photography is all about the candid photos. It is not true as wedding photographers are experienced at creating formal wedding photographs as well as beautifully captured candid moments. We offer the best of both worlds!

4. Why have one when you can get TWO!

Expert wedding photographers are generally a one man army. They plan, organize and implement all on their own. Some people think having regular photographers is better that having one. It’s not about the number of wedding photographers you hire but about the skill set!

5. Fair weather friends

Wedding photographers do not always depend on natural weather conditions or settings. We’re skilled in our craft. Be it a rainy day or a warehouse location, we’re creative enough to make the best use of all available resources including the rain and natural weather conditions.

6. I have a good camera!

Having your own good camera would not guarantee a great outcome of your wedding photos. Many people ponder, why bother investing in a wedding photographer when they have a camera and many people to take photographs for them? At the end of the day it is not about the camera but the skills involved.

7. Photoshop

Wedding photographers do not always rely on Photoshop or other image editing software to create stunning wedding images. In actuality, if your unprocessed image is no good, there’s no software that would recreate the scene. Photography software is a tool used to enhance your images. Skilled and experienced wedding photographers process your images to make them more natural and not overly dramatic.

8. Photography Skills

Just because you know someone who takes great pictures or has a collection of amazing photographs does not make that person equipped to be your wedding photographer. There is a complex array of skills not acquired by every photographer; dealing with ambiguity, managing stressful situations, excellent communication and direction, technical skills, time-management, and planning to name a few. You don’t plan on repeating your wedding. So make it count.

9. Replicate

Some customers want to replicate photos they’ve seen online or seen from someone else’s wedding. It’s a great thing to love someone else’s creation but you can create yours as well. Create your own style! Taking inspiration is great but replicating can be disappointing.

10. Options Galore

Most photographers provide various options to their clients. Talk to your wedding photographer and choose the option that best suits you. There are no set rules in wedding photography. You’re the once writing the check at the end of the day!

11. Good Equipment= Good photographs

Good equipment is only a means to good quality but it is a creative photographer who ultimately generates great images.

12. Too personal

Wedding photographers will only be a part of your private and intimate moments if you want them to. It’s not mandatory and it’s absolutely your choice.

13. Full time

Photographers are busy and it’s a full-time profession for some. Just because you only see us for a day does not mean we have nothing on our agendas or nothing else to do; we’re human after-all. We also have spouses, kids, church and soccer games to attend.

14. Multiple frames

Multiple shots of the same moment do not guarantee getting the ‘perfect’ shot. A photographer knows when multiple frames are required! Timing is everything.

15. A passion or profession

Photography may start as a passion but requires intense hard work and constantly improving skills to become a profession. For photography to be a profession, you must derive some sort of income from it.

Understanding ISO Sensitivity

What is ISO Sensitivity?

As photography means painting with the light, any photographer is in control of its composition (elements arrangement in the frame and even adding photo effects later or cropping it for a better result, for example) and exposure – when you press the shutter release you are just telling the camera to stay open for a certain amount of time and let a determined quantity of light in, reaching the camera sensor (digital) or film.

The exposure is controlled by 3 (three) adjustments we make in the camera: shutter speed, aperture and sensitivity. Shutter speed and aperture ultimately control how much light comes into the camera (we can compare this to a water tap – how much you open the valve and for how long will dictate the amount of water that will flow)… and how much light is needed for a certain exposure is determined by the sensitivity of the medium used (today it has been expressed as ISO numbers – and as ASA not so long ago).

In the digital cameras world today, we can find ISO ranges from as low as 50 up to 204,800, being the normal range placed somewhere between 200 and 1600. These numbers have some qualities associated with them: it sets the amount of light needed for a good exposure, and the lower the number, the more light is required, and as a consequence for a fixed aperture, a slow shutter speed will have to be used; and will influence the amount of noise in the image.

So, if you have lots of light (or have the camera mounted on a tripod), the lower the numbers you can set, and on the other hand, when you do not have lots of it or you need a faster shutter speed (for action and sports shots, for example), you will need to raise the ISO (and this is what the AUTOISO settings in your camera do: adjusts the ISO settings so you end up with the correct camera measured exposure for a given situation. You normally set the minimum and maximum range you want the camera to automatically adjust the ISO based on your acceptable quality and speed requirements).

It is worth knowing that each time you double the ISO (for example, from 100 to 200 or from 400 to 800), half of the light is needed for the same exposure, and vice-versa.

As we mentioned above, noise levels will also be influenced by the ISO settings, and the higher the number is, the more noise and visible grain an image will have. We normallywant the images to have the least amount of noise as possible.

Today, most digital cameras can make good quality images at ISOs up to 800 or 1600 and above, but several aspects affect this, from the sensor type a camera uses (for example, the size of the pixels used on the camera’s sensor, which are larger in SLRs compared to the compact ones. Larger pixels result in less noise and SLRs have larger sensors with larger pixels) to the amount and type of noise reduction algorithms and systems used in the cameras.

25 Things Married People Don’t Want to Hear From Single Guys & Gals

Marriage changes a lot of things and sometimes listening to carefree singles can dampen one’s spirits. Here’s a list of 25 things married people don’t want to hear from single guys & gals –

1. Don’t be a party pooper!

When a married couple cancels plans to a party because of ‘prior engagements’ or ‘duties’ they inadvertently hear their single friends wail about their priorities.

2. But it’s a weekend!

For most singles a weekend is all about taking it easy, relaxing, going out and partying. For married couples a weekend has to be a mix of all that in addition to organizing your home and planning for the coming week.

3. I have a lot of time!

Married couples seldom have ‘a lot of time’. Juggling between two families and personal things takes up all the free time they had as singles.

4. When will I find my special someone?

Married people usually don’t want to listen to your aching heart waiting for your significant other or your knight in shining armor to show-up.

5. You are so lucky!

Though married people feel lucky they don’t want singles to compare their life and pin hopes on it.

6. Dating is so much fun!

Now that’s a complete NO! Married people do not want to talk about being in an easy ‘no commitment’ relationship.

7. Being single is fun!

Everyone feels that at some point in life. Doesn’t mean you keep saying it to someone who is not!

8. There are a lot of fish in the ocean!

Everyone has options; married people make the choice choosing one another over the ‘many fish’ in the sea.

9. Your wedding must have cost a lot!

Weddings are expensive, don’t drill the fact and stop being a constant reminder. Keep telling yourself that to keep from getting one.

10. What are your plans for the future?

Not everyone has future plans and being married does not change that. Stop asking!

11. What about family planning?

None of your business! It’s a couple’s personal choice and nobody should be bothered by it.

12. What’s your favorite thing about each other?

Couples DO NOT sit and count their favorites about each other; they get married because they like it all! (for the most part)

13. What’s the most annoying thing about your partner?

It’s not a dating portal, its marriage! Many things can be annoying but none great enough to be talked about.

14. Did you hire a professional photographer?

Wedding photography is expensive, not everyone can afford it.

15. How has life changed?

Marriage changes a lot of things, some for the good and some not so great.

16. I am commitment phobic!

Good for you! Stop ranting about it to committed couples.

17. I can’t imagine sharing my personal space.

That’s because you have not found someone worth sharing it with!

18. Marriages are scary!

It might be to you, but it does not mean they are. Just because you feel that does not make it a universal truth.

19. Isn’t it sometimes boring?

No! Marriage is about making the best of time with your partner.

20. Marriage changes people!

It does and to some extent it should. It is all about making changes in your life to ensure your family’s happiness.

21. Do you have single friends?

Of course! Is that even a question?

22. Do you miss being single?

Everyone likes to be carefree! But being married does not cage you and you are allowed to be independent.

23. Who wears the pants in the relationship?

A successful marriage is all about being equals. There are times the man needs to pull things together and times when the woman needs to do same.

24. Is it easy?

Nothing beautiful comes easy. Marriage requires a lot of effort and time and is not for everyone.

25. I don’t know how you do it!

Well again, that’s because you have never done it!

The debate between Single and Married people is a never-ending one! Whichever side you happen to find yourself on, enjoy it and let others enjoy their life choices.